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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy Piano

Would-be pianists have the choice to play using a virtual 8-octave, 13-note keyboard on the Nintendo DS touchscreen, or using a real external 13-note keyboard peripheral specially made to work with Nintendo DS. Whether taking piano involving lessons or selecting a quick game, all players will be tutored in the correct finger movements and skills required to become a mobile virtuoso.

With 2 difficulty modes, everyone can have fun testing and improving their keyboard skills. The game’s track listing contains some of the world’s most famous songs, spanning time and genres, to offer something for everyone. A creation mode also allows players to record up to four 3-minute-long masterpieces. Players can choose from piano, or a number of other instruments included with the game, to create their musical opus.

Easy Piano’s lesson mode is specifically designed for people discovering the wonders of piano for the first time. With a series of 10 lessons and a host of mini-games to teach the basics, any player, old or young, would learn and be entertained at the same time with this product.


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